Conservation & Beautification

Creating & Sustaining Economy


Strengthen the social fabric of our community and jump-start economic development by creating and sustaining healthy public spaces. Improve Streets as Places. Create Squares and Parks as Multi-Use Destinations. Build Local Economies Through Markets. Design Buildings to Support Places.neighborhood news or important events.  We will also plant thousands of spring flowering bulbs to enhance the corridor.



Conservation is an integral part of what we do. Maintaining our namesake creek, the  conservation corridor, trees, wetlands and green spaces in Crooked Creek.  

Where we are working


Did you notice? Over 500 new Trees were planted in Crooked Creek along the Michigan Rd. corridor. Thanks to grants from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and St. Vincent Ascension. Sign up to help be part of this important endeavor of greening our community. 

Get involved


Celebrating businesses and neighborhoods that embrace conservation, resiliency and conservation practices. 

We need your support


We rely on support from our partners, neighborhoods and businesses to continue work in the community, from tree plantings, beautification efforts, land use cases, and serving as a voice for our area. Educational workshops, services and more. Please consider giving today. 

Past Projects


You may make contributions to 

Crooked Creek Indy 

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