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Crooked Creek Indy - A Community Council

Carol Mullins, Executive Director

P.O. Box 78433, Indianapolis, IN 46278


Tuesday- Friday 10am - 3pm

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About Us



Key Accomplishments

Purchased Juan Solomon Park 

Advocates for Pedestrian Trail

1987 - Opened a Multi Service Center  now Fay Biccard Glick Center (a separately run United Way facility.) 

Formed the Crooked Creek Development Association now CCCDC-to focus on commercial development and affordable housing. (now  separate agency.) 

Crooked Creek Conservation Committee to address flooding and pollution problems of Crooked Creek. Co-initiated the Community Facilities Infrastructure Planning Study (C-fips) for the creation of the "Crooked Creek Community Campus,"    In December this library finally opened. 

Planted over 800 trees over the course of 10 years along the Michigan Rd. Corridor and in surrounding neighborhoods with grants and support from KIB, neighbors and St. Vincent Ascension Health. 

Current Work


Land use Arbitration

Tree Plantings

Corridor Enhancements

Sidewalk and Crosswalk Advocacy

INRC - Community Builder Institute 

Cruising Crooked Creek 

Conservation Corps

Watershed and Stormwater Management Education and Resource 

Earth Day - JCC

Corridor plantings - Spring Bulbs 



Crooked Creek Indy, formerly 

Crooked Creek Community Council, Inc. (C4) has represented the area surrounding Crooked Creek since 1967. CCI has its origin as The Olde Michigan Road Council, which was organized on May 18, 1967, with the purpose of preserving and restoring historical landmarks and promoting orderly development and beautification of Michigan Road.

 CCI (C4) was instrumental in several projects of which we are particularly proud, specifically the initiation and development of the Crooked Creek Multi-Service Center (CCMSC)  the  initiation and development of Juan Solomon Park, The development of a CDC to address affordable housing. 

and the creation of a pedestrian trail along Michigan Rds. west side. Today, both the Crooked Creek Multi-Service Center and the CDC act independently from CCI.

CCI (C4’s) also initiated the Michigan Rd. Corridor Plan- a detailed land use plan that assists the community when considering new development, environmental issues, zoning issues and traffic pattern concerns.