Our Work

Steward of Nature and Neighbors


Our main goal is to bring neighbors together. Unified, we can make our area safer, cleaner and a better place to live and work. T

Land Use Issues


We work with the community and liaison with developers to make sure new development, zoning, land use and alcohol permitting is in line with the community and neighborhood values and plans. 

Beautification - Place Making


Actively work to create a sense of place in Crooked Creek through tree plantings, flower plantings, clean ups and more. Bringing neighbors together around a common goal. he core unifier is our creek and Conservation Corridor. Training on Conservation Practices, Volunteer work, Conservation Corp, native plantings and Educational Workshops. 

Public Safety


Working with neighborhood crime watch, IMPD North and North West Districts, CERT.  Educational resources, notifications and training.  Look for our upcoming classes on First Aid, Emergency Preparedness and Security protection. 

Gardening/Permaculture/Native Plants Swap


Working in the community to enhance public space through planting natives and trees but also events and networking opportunities to work with others in our area on gardening, urban farming, permaculture and more. 

Community Events


In 2019 we will host our first ever Bike Ride "Cruising Crooked Creek."  Present at the Earth Day Fair,  Host several training and networking opportunities focused on the creek and community.